What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk (With Video And Photo Gallery)

We all are well-known with soft drinks, especially Coca-cola. We all use to drink coca-cola quite often. But none of us thinks about coca-cola’s mixed composition.

Did any one think about mixing coca-cola with milk? Let me tell one thing, may many knows about it, when we add some sugar in the bottle or can of coca-cola it boils with lots of bubbles and comes out of the bottle. But here we are talking about mixing coca-cola with milk, so lets see about this fact here.

This is what happens when you mix Coca-Cola and milk?

This is apparently what happens when we mix coca-cola and milk together.

What Happens When coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk

This Is What Happens When Coca-cola And Milks Are Mixed With Each Other

If You want to know more about this process then simply see the video below which is about 2 minute long and has been viral all over the world. This video had been viewed more than 3.8 million times till now from the date. This experiment video was first uploaded on YouTube in January 1, 2015.  Continue reading

10 Unknown Facts Or Lesser Known Facts About Sunny Leone

The name Sunny Leone is so famous that now a days even a small child knows about her. She is popular all around the world because of her bold, attractive and beauty with sexy body structure.

There are maximum numbers of people from all part of the world who are searching Sunny Leone on the internet. As we all know about her, there is no need to explain her or give the identity of Sunny Leone. She is an Indo-Canadian, American former porn star.

But one thing do any one knows what exactly Sunny Leone’s real name is? I think most does not know her real name. We all knows the latest activities and gossips of Sunny Leone but does any one knows about her how she got so much popular and from active porn star how she became former porn star? So Some of the unknown or less known facts about Sunny Leone are are given below:  Continue reading

What Is The Difference Between United Kingdom (UK) , England, Great Britain And The British Isles

Diagram showing the difference between England, Great Britain, United Kingdom (UK) and The British Isles

Generally we think all UK, England and Great Britain refers to the same country but all these are different countries and have their own geographical locations. People use all these countries names as synonyms of each other. The differences between England, Great Britain, United Kingdom (UK) and The British Isles are as follows:  Continue reading

Rihanna Looks Nude Showing Clearly Her Breasts And Nipples In A Transparent Dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards

Rihana Almost Nude In Transparent Dress showing Her Nipples In CFDA Awards- 2014

Recently the 26-year-old singer Rihana has been seen nude posing at CFDA Awards-2014. She use to be bare before also but this time on Monday she was seen clearly nude showing her breasts and nipples in a transparent dress.

The beauty Rihana was wearaing G-string under only, that was visible through her fishnet slip dress that exposed her nipples and her nude underwear. Really the one and only thing covered up about Rihana’s look was her hair, which she wore wrapped up in metallic scarf.  Continue reading

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Before discussing on merits and demerits of drinking coffee, it would be better if we know some history about coffee. So, with number of reports of its first use history of coffee goes to as far back as 13th century.

There is thought that pure native population of coffee have come from East Africa, specially from Ethiopia. But Coffee was cultivated first by Arabs from 14th century. And in 16th century coffee had reached all over the Middle East,Turkey, Persia and Northern Africa. thereafter coffee then starts spreading to Italy, Balkans, rest part of Europe, Indonesia and at last to America.

Some Points or facts about advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee are mentioned below on the basis of number of cups or times we take coffee.  Continue reading

Teacher Gives Birth In Her Own Classroom

A primary schoolteachergives birth to her baby in her own classroom. Diane Krish-Veeramany, 30, went into labour a week before she was due while working at Manford Primary School, in Chigwell, Essex.

At first she thought she might have time for her husband to collect her from the school. But baby Jonah was in no mood for waiting and, shortly afterwards, he arrived in the classroom with three colleagues acting as midwives.  Continue reading

Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth At Home

A woman who was unknown about her pregnancy gives birth to the baby at her home while his boyfriend was sleeping through the entire delivery.

The girl woke up with the thought that she was having the period pains but she went into labour and the confused 22-years-old girl named Nadia Watson screamed as she delivered 7lbs  baby all by herself but his partner Lewis McSweeney slept through out the delivery. Her neighbour after listening the screams of pain dialed 999 but police cars and ambulance arrived after the birth.  Continue reading

10-Year-Old Takes University Maths Class

A 10-year-old boy from Geneva, Switzerland is taking a special course in the prestigious Zurich University. How can 10-year-old boy takes maths class of University? This news had shocked the whole world. The boy had passed the Swiss final high school maths exams.

Maximilan Janisch, whose father is a retired maths professor, is the youngest child to ever be allowed to follow such a course at the university, its president Michael Hengartner told AFP. Gifted Janisch has already skipped three grades in primary school, but cannot officially enroll at the university since he does not have a complete high school diploma.  Continue reading

Two-Year-Old Boy Gave Birth To A Baby (World’s Amazing News)

Everyone may be amazed and get confused throughout the title, yeah of course the title itself is amazing because it seems to be unusual news that boy gave birth  at the age of two. How can anyone give birth in the age of two and another thing is that instead of female here, male is giving birth. None knows what can happen in this earth.

This amazing and shocking news to the world came from China. Once there had already inn-marriage case in China i.e dead woman was married twice, isn’t it amazing and shocking too? Recently doctors found that the two-year-old boy has a baby inside his stomach and diagnosed  him as pregnant.  Continue reading

A Five-Year-Old Girl Badly Injured In Dog Attack

A five-year-old girl is recovering from microsurgery after being mauled by a cattle dog at Tuncurry on the New South Wales mid north coast of Australia. On Saturday afternoon when the child threw a ball to the dog at a private backyard and as she bent down ti pick up the ball the dog bite on her face taking off part of her nose. The dog had also marked several deep tooth marks on her face.  Continue reading